We Love Rivers. Do You?

Underneath the iconic steel of our bridge flows the mighty New River. That river, one of the oldest in the entire world, carved out the gorge from the sandstone over millions of years. Without that river, there would be no New River Gorge, no bridge, and no Bridge Day. we love rivers campaign

We want to protect the New River. And you can help.

Bridge Day's new campaign We Love Rivers is working to protect West Virginia's rivers, in the gorge and beyond.

We Love Rivers is raising money to protect our waterways on a local, regional and national level. We want to:

  • Monitor the health of creeks in the New River Gorge by providing training, equipment and a reporting mechanism for volunteers to check local creeks, in partnership with the New River Conservancy's West Virginia branch.
  • Protect 1.5 miles of land along the Greenbrier River to help maintain water quality,  and also keep the view from the Greenbrier River Trail pristine and majestic.
  • Conserve the hellbender, a rare and unique native salamander that can grow up to 2 feet long. They depend on clean water to breathe, and serve as a great indicator of water quality. The New River Land Trust will launch education and monitoring efforts, including hellbender radio transmitters, public awareness materials and habitat conservation.

We hope to raise $100,000 to fund these goals and protect WV's waterways. The campaign is already underway, thanks to donations from West Virginia American Water and the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority.

The town of Thurmond has donated $500, and challenged other towns along the river to match their donation.

We challenge you to give what you can. And to encourage your business or organization to give what they can.

As the largest single-day event in the state, we, and you, our fans, have the power to make a huge difference. That beautiful scenery that BASE jumpers leap into every year is a part of Bridge Day. If you want this event to continue, help keep it wild and beautiful for future adventurers and festival-goers.

Partner with us. Donate to WeLoveRivers online or on the south side of the bridge at booths #7, 8 and 9 (near the main entrance) at the event.

Will you help us protect WV's rivers?