Walking in a winter wonderland...876 feet up!

Try this for your New Year’s resolution: a catwalk tour on the New River Gorge Bridge. They’re unlike anything else in America! Winter makes these unusual hikes even more spectacular.

Record-breaking walks

Elegant yet sturdy, the New River Gorge Bridge is a West Virginia icon. It’s also famous. At 876 feet high and 3,030 feet long, the steel span ranks as America’s third tallest bridge and the Western Hemisphere’s longest.

Want a piece of the action? Take a Bridge Walk! These tours go on the catwalk, a 2-foot-wide span with safety harnesses. It’s a heady experience. You’ll see foaming rapids, distant forests, and even the occasional train, far, far below your boots. At that height, everything looks like a miniature toy. But it’s very real.

Don’t let the heights scare you away - Bridge Walk tours are very secure. In fact, it has the world’s longest continuous safety system! Your guide will go at a slow pace, share facts about the gorge, and give you plenty of time for photos.

Winter Bridge Walks

Open daily (Thanksgiving and Christmas excepted), Bridge Walk tours in Lansing offer Instagram-worthy experiences all year. January and February are especially photogenic. Winter transforms the New River Gorge into a sugared world, textured with frosty pines and cliffs. It’s still and silvery and silent.

If you’ve ever wanted to capture magical landscape photos for yourself, then now is the time. Grab that camera and book a tour!

Here are some winter tips:

  • Wear layers and dress warmly. Bridge Walk tours are 3 hours long.
  • Tours operate in all weather. You’ll get a special umbrella if it rains.
  • The catwalk is flat. However, expect to cover 1.25 total miles, including a brief hike to the bridge.

Special winter deals

Wondering when to go? Bridge Walk has discounts throughout the year. Winter is no exception.

Score deals on 2018 specials like:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: tours are $54 a person on Jan. 15.
  • Groundhog Day: tours are $54 a person on Feb. 2.
  • Valentine’s Day Special: tickets are two for the price of one on Feb.14.
  • President’s Day Special: tours are $54 a person on Feb.19.
  • Daylight Saving Time: it’s easier to wake up on March 12 when tickets are $54 each!
  • St. Patrick’s Day: tickets are $54 each on March 17.

For the latest deals and events, follow Bridge Walk on Facebook. Still can’t get enough? Request an annual pass! You’ll get unlimited tours, gift shop discounts, and incentives for family members.

Have you ever gone on a winter Bridge Walk? If so, what did you like most about it?