Where to Taste Unique WV Foods in the New River Gorge

The Appalachian region has its own unique tastes, an West Virginia has its own unique takes. You can get an idea of mountain flavors at the annual WOAY Taste of Bridge Day, but if you're not around or the event, you can still sample some WV favorites and traditional dishes passed down through the generations.

Here are some regional and state-specific dishes you should try when you're visiting the New River Gorge area, and where to find them.

Biscuits at Tudor's

Tudor's Biscuits

Tudor's is a staple of the Appalachian region because its biscuits are deliciously soft and flaky with a light golden top, like a true Southern biscuit should be. And, you can taste the butter in every bite. Top yours with oozy melted cheese, bacon, hash browns— there's a menu item for every combo, and each has its own name, which anyone in WV will recognize.

Pinto Beans & Cornbread at Cafe One Ten

Our simple staple, beans and cornbread. Two side dishes, you say? Nope, here in West Virginia, this is a full and hearty mountain meal. And once you try it our way, you'll see why. Cafe One Ten serves up the classic meal with their own appetizing flair. Cornbread in itself is one of our state's favorites, so much so that we even whip up a sweeter version as a dessert.

Pimento cheese at Secret Sandwich Society

Never heard of pimento? It's a regional cheese spread, which pairs perfectly with Secret Sandwich Society's seasoned fries. Its base is cheddar, and among the mix we add peppers for some spicy kick. Pimento definitely an indulgent delight, but worth a try at least once. And it's best with the bacon and jalapeño blend in the Society's appetizer.

Rainbow Trout at Glen Ferris Inn

A common catch here in West Virginia, the Rainbow Trout, is one of the most delicious fish you can reel in. Try a plate for yourself. The Glenn Ferris Inn plates it grilled, or with the more traditional preparation: fried. Try it with a side of their yeast rolls, another staple on West Virginia plates.

Fresh Fruit Cobbler at Dory's Grille

The wild berries and bushes of the lush rolling hills produce a variety of sweet treats. The freshly-baked desserts at Dory's Grille feature a rotating selection of fruity mountain flavors, best showcased in their traditional cobbler. Think of it as a deep-dish pie, with another delicious crust on top. Or, you could always stick with another regional fruit dessert classic: apple pie.

What Appalachian or West Virginian dishes have you tried, and which is your favorite?