Fly through TimberTrek Aerial Adventure Park in the Gorge!

Watch your step! TimberTrek in WV

While it's no BASE jump off a bridge, the TimberTrek Aerial Adventure Park takes you on a daring journey high above the forest floor! Experience a giant obstacle course that seems like it was made for the likes of Tarzan.

For those who love heights and an adventure, this is a paradise. You can traverse through obstacle courses that include bridges, zip lines and as many as 60 high platforms.

In total, there are more than 5 courses installed across 4 wooded acres. They vary in difficulty, but anyone above 7 years of age can take one of the courses for a spin. However, the harder courses do require a supervisor or an adult to accompany those 13 and younger.

An Aerial Playground

These courses are all about being active. Your balance, agility, focus and arm strength are all tested as you travel through self-guided courses, which are 1-3 hours long.

You are pushed to use different strengths of your body as you cross:

  • Moving Footholds
  • Swings
  • Ladders
  • Crawling Sections

Safety Above

There’s no need to be scared of heights! This is an aerial park built upon a principle of safety to prevent risk.

Adventures on the Gorge provides you with a harness, helmet and gloves. Although there’s safety involved, it won’t ruin the speed at which you move through the course. Clipping your harness is quick and easy to keep you flying through the trees!

What part of the aerial park do you love most?