3 reasons this rafting trip is a MUST for your Bridge Day weekend

Bridge Day isn’t the only world-renowned adventure in the New River Gorge this fall. We’ve also got 1 of the top 5 whitewater rafting trips in the world. It’s a splashin’ good time that Adventures on the Gorge turns into the 2-day journey of a lifetime:


Here are our favorite reasons to try it yourself:

1. Camp with your own chef!

You really don’t have to be the “camping” sort to enjoy this trip. AOTG keeps some rustic charm, but the wood-fired hot tubs and the picturesque setting make it a pretty luxurious night.

Your trip even has its own chef. You won’t believe the creative meals she can craft at the campsite:


2. Bucket-list adventure

Why is the Gauley River one of the top 5 rivers in the entire world? For starters, it flows down a pristine National Park. And big water is guaranteed because it comes from a controlled dam release. But the unique rapids are the cherry on top— one of them is even nicknamed “the best 10 seconds in American whitewater.” You’ll know why when you hit it!

3. Top guides

You can raft down a waterfall. Yes, you. You’ll be paddling with a team and an expert guide, so you can take on the wild waves— and yeah, even a waterfall— like a pro.

Adventures on the Gorge is known for its in-depth guide training, experienced lead guides and high safety standards, so you can trust them to help you accomplish amazing feats. (Plus, they tell great stories!)

You and your companions are going to make some wild, wonderful memories— and some amazing stories to tell all your friends who didn’t come.

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