The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty

The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty Bridge Day is West Virginia's biggest festival.  There's a reason for that.

People can come to Bridge Day expecting to see things that, really, just aren't assembled anywhere else.  And, some stuff that you will.  The old favorites.

Here's a bit of an overview of both...

The big attraction is, of course, the world's largest BASE jumping festival.  BASE, if you don't know, stands for Building Antenna Span and Earth.  Those are the 4 catagories of fixed objects that people parachute from in the sport.

The basic setup goes like this: The bridge is open only to pedestrian traffic during the event.  Right in the middle of the span is a large platform- the launch ramp.

Jumpers are lined up around the launch ramp with thousands of spectators around to watch.  The atmosphere is pretty exciting.  After all, these people are about to leap from an 876 foot high bridge.

And then they jump.  One after the other.

Bright parachutes, rescue boats in the river below, and a hot landing zone are all par for the course while the festival is going on.  The jumpers go pretty much non-stop through out the day.

On the southern side of the bridge, 800 foot long ropes are visible, hanging down below the arch.  This is where the rappellers are rigged up and ready.

Rapellers actually kick off Bridge Day by raising the U.S., West Virginia, and this year, National Park Service flags up the ropes closest to the center of the bridge.

Vendors always help to make for a great festival.  But the ones at Bridge Day are... a little different.  Not only will you find eats of all stripes, but there are crafts vendors, musicians, and lots of artisans, as well.

The vendor area is just off the bridge on both the north and the south sides.

You'll also see a lot going on in downtown Fayetteville.  The shops run specials all weekend, and you can shop for outdoor gear, art, clothes, and music.  After the festival, expect to find plenty of people um in town at the 1st annual Bridge Day Chili Festival.

The bridge is a one-of-a-kind place, and Bridge Day is a celebration to match.  If you've never been, you're going to see a lot more than you're used to.