The State Of Bridge Day 2009

These 3 guys?  They\'re having a blast. Well, it doesn\'t get much better, y\'all.

It sometimes gets a bit warmer, but not much better.

Forecasts for snow turned into a little more than intermitten mist. We reached a normal-for-late-October 42 degrees.  The people who are showing up have been having a great time.

And who is that, exactly?

Well, jumpers have come from as close as Oak Hill, WV to as far away as India.  It runs the gamut age-wise, too.  From 18 to 81, BASE jumping knows no bounds.

Rappel teams have been running up to 6 descents.  Plus, they don\'t have to go back up the rope if they don\'t want to (!)

Rafters are taking their paddles to the rapids of the New, and, yeah, it\'s probably a bit chilly when those waves smack them in the face.  But it\'s worth it.

The vendors are out in full force.  They\'ve got everything from shortbread to shish-kabobs.  If you like to eat it, someone is cooking it.

The photographers, the families, the Harley Davidson folks, the leaf-peepers, the college kids, the locals, the out-of-towners, they\'re all out, as well.

Everyone\'s having at least as much fun as me.  Maybe more.

It\'s still going on.  There\'s still time. Bridge Day 2009 rolls right along...