The Taste of Bridge Day – An Insider’s View

Everyone knows the magnitude of the festival that is Bridge Day. With over 400 BASE jumpers, over 300 rappellers and close to 100,000 spectators, it's the largest one-day festival in West Virginia. As Bridge Day has evolved over the years, one of the additions that has steadily grown in popularity and participation has been the feasting that takes place on Friday evening. The Taste of Bridge Day showcases some of the area's finest cuisine and exposes people to the talents of local restaurants and caterers.

One of those local talents is Rezan Nese.  Rezan was raised in Fayette County, but she has Turkish roots.  She is the head chef and kitchen manager of Chetty's Pub, one of the eateries at Adventures on the Gorge.  Rezan takes her cooking very seriously.


Rezan has well over 23 years working with food. She has cooked in many different places including Costa Rica, Turkey and at her own place in Fayetteville, which she recently sold after four years. She credits her unusual recipes to the diversity of cuisine she has been exposed to around the world.

The Taste

This year's Taste of Bridge Day featured 14 restaurants from a multi-county area. Rezan relates a few of her feelings about the annual event.  “It's a great advertising and exposure tool for local mom and pop restaurants. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience new food and flavors that many people would not normally try or have exposure to.”

Initially we planned to share a couple of Rezan's Taste of Bridge Day recipes here for people to recreate. But as Rezan related, “mine are all in my head, which I know seems a little crazy, but that's just the way I do it.”

Maybe you'll get inspiration to try making something new and unique yourself.

Her Dishes

Rezan shared some descriptions of very unique dishes created according to her varied tastes. Her Thai lettuce wrap with red curry features red curry paste, coconut milk, garlic and ginger, your choice of  meat or seafood, shredded carrots, cabbage, shittake mushrooms, leaf lettuce and green onions.

Another favorite dish of Rezan's is a Peanut Noodle Bowl.  It features rice noodles, peanut butter, chicken broth, crushed red pepper, garlic, ginger and cashew pieces for a garnish.

Rezan has served these dishes at the Taste of Bridge Day in previous years.  They are certainly not your typical WV cuisine.  Rezan says, “Each year I try to do something unique.”

What's your favorite Taste of Bridge Day dish?