What is Taste of Bridge Day?

When you think of Bridge Day, what comes to mind? The Bridge? B.A.S.E. jumpers? ....Funnel cakes? Taste of Bridge Day

Fact is, there are all kinds of things happening on Bridge Day. Above, below, around. The action is non-stop.

What many don't realize, is what happens the day before. One our favorite parts of the festival - The Taste of Bridge Day.

This gathering officially kicks off Bridge Day and is our favorite type of challenge – one that involves food.

This year 13 local and regional restaurants will participate in the event, presented by WOAY television, and offer tastings of their fabulous foods for tickets ranging in value from $1-$5.

This year you can expect everything from the award-winning ethnic dishes of Diogi’s or Gumbo’s to the swanky sandwiches from the area’s newest restaurant – The Secret Sandwich Society.

And if the food isn’t reason enough to attend – the setting will blow you away. The event will once again take place in the open-air pavilion of Smokey’s on the Gorge.

Here’s a tip to the wise -- don’t feel guilty about overeating before the big event on Saturday-- all proceeds go to support the local Rotary Clubs and their charitable causes. So we say – ‘Let them eat cake!’ and sliders, and ribs, and gumbo and….well you get the picture.

Only a few more days to wait. Will we see you there?