Now's the time to take a Bridge Walk!

Cross the New River Gorge for low-season perks! Take a Bridge Walk tour during December and January for great deals and sublime winter scenery.

Tis the season for discounts

In honor of Christmas, Bridge Walk tours will cost just $45 each. You have from Dec. 23 to Jan 1 to take advantage of this deal, so book early! Spots fill quickly.

Here’s the inside scoop for winter hikes:

  • No tours on Christmas Day.
  • In case of rain, a staff member will give you a special umbrella.
  • No sandals allowed.
  • Dress warmly, since most tours last 2-3 hours.

Bear in mind that the bridge is 3,030 feet long, and you’ll have a brief hike before and after the tour.

Winter wonderland

From now till spring, the New River Gorge is especially picturesque. Naked hardwood

Bridge Day Rappellers on the Catwalk

trees reveal evergreens and unique geological formations that are usually hidden.

Start scanning the forest during your walk from the Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center to the catwalk; you might find ground pine, petite evergreen and Christmas fern.

Once you’re on the New River Gorge Bridge, the wintery landscape gets even more majestic. Study the ridgetops for conifers like white pine. You may spot hemlocks or dense clusters of rhododendrons and mountain laurel.

Snow makes the gorge even more magical. The famous Nuttall sandstone cliffs grow beards of ice, and powdery drifts settle against bare tree trunks. It’s a scene worthy of any postcard.

A rare birding opportunity

Though you wouldn’t think so, winter is a fairly active time for raptors. The gorge also happens to be a popular bald eagle habitat. If luck and timing are on your side, you just might spot these glorious animals.

Other winter visitors include golden eagles, osprey, loons and cormorants.

What do you hope to see during your winter Bridge Walk?