Weird, wacky and inspiring: the Tahoe Adventure Film Fest

For 2 nights, adventure movies and comedic presentations come to Fayetteville. Almost anything is game at the Tahoe Adventure Film Fest. With creator Todd Offenbacher, thrilling recreational sports movies and hilarious presentations are the rule of the day.

Introducing …

Todd Offenbacher: world traveler, athlete, and TV host. As a physical fitness guru, he loves nothing better than motivating folks with movies and presentations. His film festival never fails to fill theaters throughout America, either.

But even if you’re a committed couch potato, you’ll still get a kick out of Offenbacher’s irreverent sense of humor. His presentations are like stand-up comedies. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a natural storyteller, either.

So kick back and look forward to 2 evenings of adventure movies and photos, right here in the New River Gorge!

Tahoe Adventure Film Fest

Discover the joys of living to the max with Offenbacher’s riveting short movies. Dazzling scenery, compelling pacing and inspiring tales of human endurance fill each one. To quote the festival website, watching these curated films is the “next best thing to doin’ it!”

The film fest will be held at the Historic Fayette Theater on April 15. Tickets are $10 per person. The New River Alliance of Climbers (NRAC), which is hosting the event, has ordering information on their Facebook page.

“NEVER complain, NEVER give up”

The night before the film fest, join Offenbacher at Waterstone Outdoors for an evening of storytelling. His slideshow— a humorous picture diary of sorts— covers places he’s explored, climbed and skied. Find out what happened during his oddball trips to Svalbard, China, Africa, Pakistan and other exotic locales. You’ll be entertained and inspired all at once!

This free event on April 14 gets crowded, so come early and grab a seat before 8 p.m.

Bonus preview: The Appalachian Outdoor Festival

Surprise! Come back to the Historic Fayette Theater on May 20 for even more flicks. The New River Alliance of Climbers annual festival pays tribute to the wild outdoors, recreational sports, and the human spirit.

Just like Offenbacher’s films, the Appalachian Outdoor Festival shows the most engaging movies available. You’ll also hear discussions from film directors and producers. If this is music to your ears, tickets cost $11 each. You can also buy them at the door for $15. Expect the show to last from 8-10 p.m.

Which event are you going to see?