Spring showers bring...sleuthing powers?

Don’t let rainy days keep you and your crew from heart-pounding adventure! Can you solve Fayetteville’s New River Gorge Escape Rooms in 1 hour or less?

New River Gorge Escape Rooms

It’s just like an action movie: you’re “trapped” in a closed area, and you’ll have to use props and logic to flee. Bring family members along for extra help, or play with fellow adventure geeks.

No escape room is the same, either. Local lore and history inspire the stories, and games vary in difficulty. Just 1 thing remains the same: time.

Runaway Train

You’re speeding along the C&O railroad tracks to Thurmond. Suddenly, the conductor makes a grave announcement: the engineer has disappeared. Worse, you have 60 minutes before the train runs out of track.

Can you halt the locomotive in time? Explore your surroundings, piece together clues and you just might save the day!

“Runaway Train” is the easiest escape game of the bunch, so start with this one if you’re new to sleuthing.


On a dark and stormy night, you seek shelter in an abandoned New River Gorge mine. Unfortunately, the entrance collapses. That’s when you discover you’re stuck in the Mothman’s lair!

Just 1 hour remains until the monster returns. This is a moderately challenging game with a 42 percent success rate, so think quickly.

Brave New World

A nuclear missile has targeted America! Your pal has the launch codes that can stop it, but you’ll have to find them in his Gorge cabin.

As you piece together clues, though, you realize things aren’t what they seem. Your friend seems more mysterious by the moment. Plus, the missile is about to launch!

“Brave New World” is the hardest game to solve. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Which game do you want to try?