Plan an Spring Getaway to the New River Gorge Outdoors

The winter is waning, and spring is rolling in with warm weather, paving the way for adventure season in the New River Gorge. Grist-Mill

Now’s the time to book a spring getaway for early rates— and to miss the crowds that cruise in after Memorial Day. There are plenty of cabin and hotel deals to find!

Here are a few outdoor activities you should enjoy now that the weather is mild and inviting:

Bridge Walk

Bridge Day may not be until fall, but you can still stroll the underbelly of the iconic structure that’s the centerpiece of the event and the area. Hook in and peer more than 800 feet below at the rushing New River.

Whitewater Rafting

From the swirling tides that the kids can boat through to the roaring waves it takes a team to paddle through, all the river rapids are most exciting during springtime. The high waters make the waves wild, fun and fast.

Lake Tours

Kayaking, rock climbing, pontooning— the lake is its own mecca of outdoor activities. The water is warming up enough to splash around in, and the banks are in bloom.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Hopefully you won't fall of the stand-up paddleboard once you learn to balance, but the springtime waters are cool enough that a few topples in will just feel refreshing. Paddle your way along the calm waters, and enjoy the stillness of the open landscape.

Hiking & Biking

These year-round activities are different every season. In the spring, you can catch wildlife and blossoming scenes from the trails, with a vibrant green layer of life settled over the forests. Explore the diverse plantlife and florals, and see how many colors you can spot on your journey.


One of the most interesting thing about a zipline trip (other than flying through or above the trees, of course) is learning more about the nature around you. Many of the guides who take you along the zipline trails are also gateways to information about everything you’ll see along the way.they can direct you to interesting facts, edible plants, rare wilderness sights and more.

How will you be enjoying the warm weather in the New River Gorge?