Why Sponsors Support Bridge Day

The outlet for aerial adventurers\' passion, the underdog sport gaining credibility, the chance for a few lucky jumpers to fly— what\'s not to love about Bridge Day?

Red Bull Air Force at Bridge Day

From the massive crowds that flock to the little town of Fayetteville to the vendors who line the road and set up shop for the day, Bridge day supporters come from all walks.

Some of most important players in Bridge Day are the sponsors, who donate not only funds, but time, entertainment and more to ensure Bridge Day not only happens, but goes big.
"It\'s a great thing for BASE jumpers, as it showcases us as athletes with a zest for life instead of how we\'ve been labeled by the actions of a few bad apples out there who love being criminals," said Miles Daisher of Red Bull\'s Air Force, who join the BASE jumping and wow the crowd with stunts at Bridge Day.
"Myself, as a father of 3, I strive to show that we can perform jumps safely, even while doing tricks and getting rad."
But it isn\'t just about educating the public that appeals to Red Bull. It\'s also about safely spreading the sport.
"Our mission is to showcase aerial sports to the public in a positive light, and hopefully educate and encourage people to participate," said Othar Lawrence, another Red Bull Air Force member. "Bridge Day also offers a great place for new BASE jumpers to get their first jumps and watch and learn from experienced jumpers."
Red Bull donated copies of its magazine to Bridge Day fans in addition to bringing its Air Force team.
For sponsors like Subaru, the pairing goes beyond just the sport. Subaru and Bridge Day promote the same passion— exploration of new boundaries and wilderness adventure.
"Our values our reflected by those who buy our cars," said Ray Smit of Subaru. "They embody confidence, life experience, optimism, making the most of what really matters, intelligence, being empowered and progressive. These traits are found with those that participate in Bridge Day."
Subaru\'s vehicles are optimized for adventure lovers because the company is dedicated to the outdoors. They are rugged and safe for all conditions, so their drivers aren\'t limited by terrain.
Subaru offers entertainment and giveaways for festival-goers, and also uses it as an outlet to support its other causes. They give away dog tags in exchange for donations to the local animal shelter, and offer $1,000 and a tandem jump to the tandem BASE jump contest winner.
Another key player in Bridge Day\'s success is Sony, whose HD Action Cam is a great tool for any adventurer. Sony gives away free rafting trips with their Sony cams and more to Bridge Day festival-goers.
And that\'s only a few of the brands that help run the event and make it the powerhouse it has become. Tons of groups come together to make the event happen, and keep making it bigger every year.
"I love how Jason Bell (of Vertical Visions) has organized and planned things for West Virginia\'s largest single day festival of the year," Daisher said. "He\'s been doing this for years and it shows. It ran like a well oiled machine."
If your company shares Bridge Day values, sign up as a vendor or sponsor and help keep the machine chugging.
Why do you think it\'s important to support Bridge Day?