The Bridge Gets a Stamp of Approval

If you’re sending something out Priority Mail this year, you may want to consider including a little piece of West Virginia. In April, the US Postal Service unveiled the New River Gorge Priority Mail Stamp.  The stamp was designed by Dan Cosgrove of Chicago and depicts the bridge at one of its best moments, sunset.  The stamp was the seventh to be released in a series entitled “Wonders of America.”

How did the Gorge go from its own coin to its own stamp?  It may be a feat as high as the bridge itself.  According to sources, the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Council chose the Bridge after it was suggested along with more than 50,000 others. Eventually the Council narrowed the field down to 20 ideas, including the New River Gorge Bridge.

Stamp collectors (or just Bridge lovers) can obtain stamps or a First Day Cover at any United States Post Office .

It’s a Fact:  The Stamp Advisory Council considers every idea and design submitted in writing.  It typically takes three years to complete the process from suggestion to selection and final design.