Gift & Share the New River Gorge Bridge for the Holidays

The New River Gorge Bridge is an architectural marvel, and the iconic structure is not only the setting, but part of what drives Bridge Day.

BridgeWalk in WV

New River Gorge BridgeWalk.

Bridge Day is the only day of the year you can walk across the bridge. Generally, only traffic traveling along Route 19 can use the bridge.

Recently, the catwalk below the bridge opened to visitors. BridgeWalk straps guests in safely and takes them along the metal walkway to view the underbelly of this massive structure, and the stunning New River Gorge from 851 feet in the air.

What makes a chance to walk the Bridge so special? Part of it is the excitement of getting a unique experience with such an incredible piece of history.

The New River Gorge Bridge:

  • is the highest bridge in the United States to carry vehicular traffic
  • represents West Virginia on the state quarter
  • is the 2nd largest single-span steel arch bridge in the Western hemisphere

It’s also one of the most scenic views in West Virginia, a state known for its gorgeous landscapes.

From the bridge, you can see the New River snaking underneath, churning with world-class whitewater rapids. Some of the East Coast’s most diverse sandstone climbing cliffsides extend up from the riverbed, rolling into a lush mountainscape.

For lovers of West Virginia, the bridge, adventure and beauty, this is a perfect gift. 

During the holiday season (Dec. 21- Jan. 5), Bridge Walks are on sale— only $39. You can also purchase gift cards for walks, or part of the cost toward a trip.

If you bring someone for a surprise trip, be sure they bring along warm clothes, and a camera to capture the scenery.

Another way to gift a New River Gorge Bridge experience: Buy a Hometown Subaru Into the Gorge shuttle pass for Bridge Day.

You can reserve a seat now for $20. Take a friend or loved one to walk the bridge the only day of the year it’s open to pedestrians, then take the shuttle down under for a different view of the BASE jumpers (and the river scene.)

It’s gorgeous in the winter, especially when the Gorge is blanketed lightly in a glittering coat of snow.

If you think your favorite Bridge lover might not do well with heights, there are also New River Gorge and Bridge Day gifts online.

Who will you give the gift of the New River Gorge Bridge? 

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