Meet your neighborhood brewery!

More quality craft beers are brewing at Bridge Brew Works. When it comes to getting details just right, Bridge Brew Works stands apart from other breweries. And it’s only getting better, with more signature flavors and a new employee on tap at this local business.

Devil in the details

WV beer

“We pretty much let our beer speak for itself,” said Ken Linch, one of Bridge Brew Works’ owners.

Ever since Ken and his partner Nate Herrold opened Bridge Brew Works 6 years ago, they’ve handled everything themselves: brewing, paperwork, ordering ingredients, cleaning equipment and capping bottles.

While you’d assume that most folks would feel overwhelmed, Nathan and Ken love tinkering with beer too much to feel burdened. To them, running the production floor and maintaining fermenters isn’t a chore— it’s a beloved hobby.

“We’re determined,” Ken said. “You really have to be, because it’s a whole lot more difficult than people think. We have the grit and stick-to-it mentality that it takes to do something like this.”

Because of that, Bridge Brew Works has that craft brew vibe all of us love: small-town ambience and tastes you can’t get anywhere else.

New brewer in town

But there’s only so much 2 people can do, particularly since dozens of distributors depend on Bridge Brew Works.

That’s where Adam Herrold comes in. Marketing and outreach are increasingly important to bringing customers through your door, so the extra hand will give Bridge Brew Works an extra boost.

“We 3 all started home brewing about the same time in the mid 1990s,” Ken said. “Adam started his professional brewing career after his brother but did a great job and quickly worked his way up to head brewer at a larger brewery.”

Bridge Brew Works’ newest brewer opens up lots of options.

“With the workload now split, we feel we can keep our workdays reasonable and allow time to develop some new products,” Ken said.

He’s looking forward to releasing Iapetus Gose-Style, Bridge Brew Works’ version of a Gose brew. Never tried one? It’s a mildly salty, very malty beer originally from Germany. But this one is West Virginian through and through. It’s even brewed with rare underground salt from J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works.

Bridge Brew Works is also guiding Adam through the process of releasing Seldon Seen Saison, a short-batch summer seasonal. Nate and Ken hope to release several cold-weather brews this winter, too.

Tasting notes

Bridge Brew Works has never sold its soul to commercials and branding, so Ken and Nate treat beer with respect.

“We don’t cut any corners,” said Ken said. “If we keep to that, there should be enough customers to keep us going.”

They keep aged barrels— even some from nearby Smooth Ambler Distillery— to let the taste season. So, these drinks have real character and presence.

While it’s tempting to describe each and every brew, here are a few fan favorites:

  • Black Lager: dark and malty with a tan head and chocolatey notes
  • Belgian-Blonde Trubell: sunset yellow with a crisp white head and floral hints.
  • Crux: Best of Show, Bramwell Oktoberfest 2012. A tribute to climbers! German Kölsch-style beer with straw coloring and white head. Malty. Won Best of Show Bramwell 2012.
  • Old Burley Barleywine: coppery color with an off-white head. Strong taste of hops and malt.

They also have glassware and trinkets you can take home, like shirts and keychains.

Come on in!

Bridge Brew Works’ answer to the issue of customer outreach is a taproom, which fans have wanted for years. Besides, who doesn’t want to get to know their local brewer?

Bridge Brew Works’ taproom goes a long way towards making you feel like part of the club. While you’re soaking up the local vibes, ask Adam for his recommendations. With 5 years of brewery experience under his belt, he definitely knows his beer.

So, park yourself on the counter and let Bridge Brew Works’ craft beer work its magic. The taproom has just about everything: growlers, brews on tap, flights, small-batch beers and seasonal specials.

What do you like about Bridge Brew Works?

Sam Babcock