Bridge Day Lovers: There’s more WV to Love in the Winter

Why do you love Bridge Day? Whatever the reason, WV has more to offer of it in the snowy season.

Winterplace, WV

Winterplace Skiing in WV

Is it the thrill? The beauty? The bridge? Pick your favorite part of Bridge Day, then see how else you can get your fix of the New River Gorge this season.

The Adventure

Are you a thrillseeker who loves the adventurous spirit of Bridge Day? Then perhaps Winterplace is where you should be this season. With amazing slopes for boarders and skiers alike (as well as tubing routes for your less-adventurous friends), everyone can enjoy a day sliding around the powder-blanketed mountains. Or, you can explore the rocky terrain of the local cave systems (which conveniently keep a constant temperature year-round.)

The Bridge

If you’re a Bridge Day fan for the gorgeous and iconic New River Gorge Bridge, you’re in luck! Bridge Walk offers tours along the catwalk below the bridge, and it’s open all year ’round. It overlooks the New River, with the hills of boney, snow-covered trees rolling out from the banks. It’s breathtaking to trace such an architectural marvel, and overlook the winter scenery.

The Appalachian Flavor

Many of the delicious local dishes you try at the festival are even better in the full restaurant setting. Pepperoni rolls can still be found baked up fresh at the local bakery. And gourmet flavor doesn’t quit for the winter, either. Adventures on the Gorge is hosting weekly themed dinners of their world-class Appalachian fare. Their menus range from state classics to the wines and dishes of the far reaches of the world. And you can savor as much of the chef’s specialties as you’d like for one affordable rate.

The WV Wilderness

Hiking, of course, is always open. There’s nothing like hearing the sound of crunching snow under your boots as you trek the quiet winter trails. But you can also get the aerial view of the season’s scenery, from the zipline. Take a tour through the frozen treetops and fly over the forest below.

How would you like to spend your winter visit to the Gorge?

Justin Ferrell