Looking Back: Best of Bridge Day 2012

Bridge Day is guaranteed to be amazing, but never in the same way. New memories are etched into our history books every year, and 2012 was full of standout moments. Here were a few of our favorites:

Couple gets hitched

Nothing exemplifies a leap for love like an actual dive of 800+ feet. When BASE jumper Patrick Steiner's thrill-seeking fiancee Erika got the bold idea to tie one of their favorite annual events into one of the biggest of their lives, she won a free BASE leap for herself, taking the real plunge off the bridge with her hubby right after the metaphorical plunge of matrimony. And, they did it in matching bride-and-groom sweatshirts. What a perfect couple! We were honored to help them tie the knot.

Catapult rockets jumpers

Who wouldn't want to be hurled through the sky from a catapult? Okay, maybe that's not for everyone, but many of our jumpers were more than eager to get a springing start on their leap. The thrill of BASE jumping cranked up its extremity when Bridge Day BASE jumping organizer Jason Bell engineered a human catapult to toss the jumpers from bridge top skyward.

CBS This Morning showcases Bridge Day

Our state tradition has grown over the years into a worldwide attraction! CBS This Morning took notice and got in on the fun. Their crews showed up to 2012's Bridge Day to document the unique event. Bridge Day is the only day of the year the historic bridge is open for BASE jumping, and it brings in more than 400 jumpers each year from all over the world.

Rappellers raise flag

The adventurers that converge for Bridge Day like to show their pride by hoisting up the flags. But not up a flagpole; that's too vanilla for the Bridge Day crew. Instead, the rappel crew drops down and hoists the flags, dangling beside them as the wind picks up and they begin to wave.

Paraplegic takes BASE jump

Not unique to 2012, but always an inspiring sight, a paraplegic jumper joined the crew of bridge divers. Decked out in his wheelchair with his gear, Lonnie Bissonnette didn't let a BASE jumping accident deter him or his disability stop his passion for flight. He propelled himself over the edge, chair and all, to soar during his 16th Bridge Day.

What was your favorite moment of Bridge Day 2012?