Bridge Day Community: Locals Organize Hospitality Packages for Participants

Every year, tens of thousands of people from all corners of the world come to Fayetteville to celebrate Bridge Day. Hundreds of folks come together to make this event fun and safe for all involved. Our Community Series highlights people in the community & what they do to support Bridge Day. Bridge Day participants

Amy Smith is working with the Bridge Day Committee to organize the local restaurants, businesses and retailers of Fayetteville to put together a hospitality package for BASE jumpers, rappellers and law enforcement.

Amy got involved in Bridge Day to let BASE jumpers, rappellers and law enforcement know how much everyone appreciates all their hard work to make Bridge Day a fun and spectacular event. She and the folks of Fayetteville realize how much time and effort these folks put into travelling to West Virginia to make Bridge Day special, and she wants them to know much the town of Fayetteville appreciates them.

This year, she is proud to be organizing a coffee and breakfast snack as well as a packed lunch delivery to law enforcement officers. She is also putting together a hospitality package for law enforcement officers to use so they can come back to Fayetteville and enjoy the hospitality and outdoor adventure when they don’t have to work a 16- to-18-hour day. BASE jumpers & rappellers will receive a discount card for use at Fayetteville restaurants, retailers and businesses.

Amy’s really excited about creating new relationships with BASE jumpers, rappellers and law enforcement, and we’re excited to have her coordinating these hospitality packages. When Bridge Day ends everyone leaves, Amy wants them to go home after having experienced the hospitality of Fayetteville, so that they know why she calls it home.

Amy moved to West Virginia 10 years ago. She’s opening a new restaurant in town this summer, The Station, across the parking lot from the Fayetteville CVB. The Station will serve steaks, pasta and sandwiches, all made from local, seasonal ingredients. You can check out the progress Amy and her partners are making on the remodel and their recipe testing on Instagram at @thestationwv.

When she’s not volunteering for Bridge Day or working on her new restaurant, Amy can be found hiking and recreating in her enormous backyard, aka the New River Gorge, with her dog, BP, and her friends.

Amy’s Bridge Day Favorites:

Favorite Bridge Day Souvenir: "The Posters are Super Cool! Favorite Bridge Day Food: "Duh…Funnel CAKE!" Best Bridge Day Memory: "My first Bridge Day; it was perfect weather, and I’d only been living in WV for a few months. I got to see it all from Fayette Station, and it was amazing."