The 5 Types of People You'll See on the Bridge Day Highline

The highline attracts an adventurous group of Bridge Day fans to fly from the catwalk into the gorge below.

Highlining at WV's Bridge Day

While they come from all walks of life, there are a few characters that are almost certainly on the lineup to take the plunge.

Here are the 5 types of people you'll see on the highline:

The Go-Getter

You can slide fast off a bridge? Well, if that's as close to jumping as this person can get, he/she is ON IT. And has already crafted a personal "woo-hoo" for the ride down. But this is just the warmup. Later, this thrill-seeker is going to topple out of a plane with Skydive NRG for their annual Bridge Day Boogie. Keep the adrenaline coming!

The Newcomer

A little in a daze, the newcomer has only just heard of Bridge Day, and his/her friend signed them both up eagerly for the highline. What's a highline? And why are those people leaping off of a bridge, again? Gosh, this is a pretty view from the catwalk. Wait, what is this harness for?

The Nervous Nellie

What's the weight requirement again? Should I be in more safety gear? What if the amazingly engineered line is magically snapped by a sorcerer hell-bent on scaring the bejeezus out of me?

The Nervous Nellie has to double check all the potential scenarios, just to be sure. And it takes a second before the takeoff, but once he/she hits the ground, it's just a countdown until the chance to do it again! (Next time with open eyes!)

The Scene Spotter

The fire from the bridge is breathtaking, but the beauty of it all zipping by? (Snap.) That's stunning on a whole new level. (Snap.) The Scene Spotter has already hiked Long Point trail and overlooked Grandview, but still wants too see the picturesque New River Gorge from every angle. Say cheese!

The 'I got this' guy/gal

So what? It's just a 700-foot descent. This person has never done this before, but is totally, TOTALLY cool with taking the drop. No biggie at all. Side note: this is always the person who screams loudest.

Have you been on the highline? Which character are you most like?