Bridge Day and Green Paper Products Help Vendors Go Green

You already know about Bridge Day's efforts to go green and reduce waste. In 2013, we'll implement another initiative that will make a difference. Here's our official press release about our new partnership with Green Paper Products:

April 16, 2013- In 2013, for the first time in its 34 year history, Bridge Day will require all food vendors to serve hot and cold drinks, not sold in bottles or cans, in compostable drink containers. According to Sharon Cruikshank, Bridge Day vendor coordinator, “Bridge Day is committed to helping reduce environmental waste and promoting sustainability”.

To help convert all Bridge Day vendors to compostable products, Bridge Day is teaming up with Green Paper Products, an American company, to provide any hot or cold cups the vendors will use on Bridge Day free of charge.  Green Paper Products will also make available any additional paper products vendors wish to purchase at a discounted price.

“We are excited to be able to take another step forward in our efforts to reduce the footprint of Bridge Day”, stated Cindy Dragan, Bridge Day Chair.  As West Virginia’s largest one-day festival, Bridge Day can bring attention to the importance of environmental stewardship.  By requiring compostable drink containers, selling 100% recycled, sustainable shirts provided by Sustain U and recycling with the efforts of our local Boy Scout Troops and the Fayetteville Green Team, Bridge Day feels we continue to move in the right direction.

What does this mean for you, the vendor? It is simple. You decide how many hot and cold cups, and lids, 12 or 16 oz. you think you will need for Bridge Day and with the help of Green Paper Products we will have them for you on Bridge Day morning. Green Paper Products will also be offering a 5% discount and 30% shipping discount on all of their other compostable products to all Bridge Day vendors.

To take the initiative one step further, we will have special green star recognition for those vendors that use all compostable paper products. This will include a special sign on your booth and special designation on the Bridge Day app.

Steps for Bridge Day food vendors to order cups:

• Decide how many 12 and 16 oz hot and cold cups and lids you need.

• Call 800-927-0263 and let us know what that number is. (We will have these cups for you on Bridge Day morning.)

Steps to become a Bridge Day Green Star food vendor:

• Go to and find the compostable products you are interested in.

• Call 800-927-0263 and we will give you the code that will allow you to purchase products at a 5% discount with a 30% discount on shipping

Bridge Day is looking forward to working with you and Green Paper Products to reduce environment waste and promote sustainability while providing the best products and experience for our guests.

If you have questions please call 800-927-0263.