3 Gorge Tastes to Add to Your Table & Gift List

Don't leave Taste of Bridge Day behind! Bring all the bridge country flavor to your dining table. Blue Smoke Salsas

Share the tastes of our region with your loved ones (and impress them with the deliciousness.)

It's as simple as stopping by the store! These are our top 3 treats are great for hosting, and also as gifts:

Blue Smoke Salsa

While you're still prepping the turkey, letting the scent of your baking fill your home, give people something tasty to begin munching on in anticipation. Blue Smoke Salsa's kettle-cooked dips are sweet with a little kick, best served with their guacamole chips. For variety, add in some sweet pepper jelly. You can find their foods in Ansted, or at Kroger's around the region.

Kirkwood Wine

Pair your succulent meal with one of Kirkwood's wines. They pull a lot of flavors from the New River Gorge's plant life, from ginseng to ramp (both great cooking wines.) The cabernet sauvignon and merlot might pair nicely with your homestlyle dinner. But for something interesting, choose a wild berry wine: blackberry, blueberry and elderberry are top sellers.

Local Jam, Jelly & Butters

Add a little more flavor to your traditional rolls (or biscuits, if you went full-out Appalachian).  Head to Chimney Corner USA to pick up several jars for a spread bar. Local apple butter is a must, and it pairs well with WV honey. You could opt for a savory option with ramp jelly. Round out your options with some fruit jams and jellies.

Why not get all 3 and set them in a basket, atop a nice WV quilt?