Meet the local who has gone to every single Bridge Day

Every year, tens of thousands of people from all corners of the world come to Fayetteville to celebrate Bridge Day. Hundreds of folks come together to make this event fun and safe for all involved. Our Community Series highlights people in the community & what they do to support Bridge Day. BASE over the mountains

Jeanie Ayers has been to EVERY single Bridge Day, and a few years ago she began volunteering at the Fayette County Chamber booth.

“No matter what the weather I have been there,” she said. “I have always been impressed with how many people come. I love to watch the people. I could sit and just people watch all day.”

Jeanie if a retired Fayette County teacher and Elementary school Principal. She loves the people and places of Fayette County, enjoys the local restaurants, and likes to walk in quiet places.

Jeanie's Bridge Day Favorites:

What Bridge Day Means to Jeanie:

“It’s just so much fun. My friends come visit from out of state, and it’s a great reason to get family together. I love the vendors, and seeing the new vendors and all their wares.”

“A few years back I started working at the Chamber booth. My favorite question to ask folks is, ‘how did you find us?’ I love hearing about where folks come from and getting a glimpse into their lives.”

Why do you Volunteer?

“Because I am going anyway, and I absolutely love it. The Chamber booth is highly visible and I get to see everyone. I love speaking to people and learning where they come from. I always get to see friends I haven’t in ages. When Sharon asked me about helping at the Chamber booth, I was thrilled.

Sharon is truly an amazing woman, and I admire her hard work and patience. She is always so helpful and friendly, even at the end of the day on Bridge Day, and it means a lot to me to be able to support her and this amazing event.”

What’s Your Role in Bridge Day?

“I feel like I am an ambassador for Fayette County, and a guide to give directions. I get to see people visiting home and say ‘welcome back, it’s good to see you.’ I love to answer questions and make sure folks are having a good time.”

Best Bridge Day Memory:

“There’s so many. One year it was snowing and so cold, we sat in a restaurant and drank hot chocolate, just people watching. Other years it was so warm you had to wear shorts. It’s all the people and good conversations over the years that make it so special. I’m just one of these people who loves Bridge Day. One of the most unique things was a wedding. They drove a limo right out on to the bridge, through the masses of people and got married.”

Favorite Bridge Day Food:  

“I love the smell of the roasted peanuts and the fajitas that Cindy and Joy make. To me those aromas and tastes are just a part of Bridge Day.”

Favorite Bridge Day Tradition:

“After Bridge Day, I cook brats on the grill and enjoy dinner with friends and family.”

Most Exciting View:  

“I love when the leaves are in full color, looking off the bridge and watching the BASE jumpers. And sometimes you can look down at the river,  just as a train will come through.”