The Wildest, Weirdest End-of Winter Tradition

For most people, a day on the slopes involves a lot of waterproof gear. But not for pond skimmers in the an annual end-of-season tradition at Winterplace.


Each March, brave skiers and snowboarders strap on their gear and hit the pond— rather than the slopes— all in the name of charity.

Usually, participants choose to show up in an unconventional uniform— think banana costumes, tutus or the good ol’ classic swimsuit.

The goal is to glide to the end of a murky, man-made pond with gear still attached. Those who successfully make it to the other side advance to the next round.

With each run, skimmers are brought closer down the hill to the pond. The closer they are to the pond, the less speed they are able to pick up. Yep, that means people start sinking.

The comedy continues until only one skier or snowboarder stands.

The winner typically gets a season pass for next season, said Lauren Snyder, marketing director at Winterplace.

If you’re in the audience, you’re going to see a whole lot of face planting and flying skis. Oh, and you might get a little wet.

This year, daredevils will face off at the pond March 19 at 2 p.m. Registration begins at 10 a.m. at the MountainHouse, and the cost is $10. All proceeds will go to the YMCA of Southern WV Paul Cline Sports Complex.

Sam Babcock