Cupid's tips for a daring Valentine's Day

The New River Gorge is southern West Virginia’s wilderness playground, so imagine what you can do for Valentine’s Day! Take your love to new heights (sometimes literally) with hikes, climbs, games and more.

Solve a mystery together

You’re in a “locked” room surrounded by intriguing riddles, clues and backdrops. The clock ticks down from 60 minutes. Can you and your Valentine escape in time?

Find out at the Epic Escape Game in Fayetteville! There are 3 different games and levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’re more like Dr. Watson than Sherlock Holmes.

See if you can solve:

  • Runaway Train (easy): You’re riding through the New River Gorge on a locomotive when a crew member cries out that the engineer is missing. Can you stop the train before the tracks run out?
  • Mothman (intermediate): Deep in the gorge, you rest in an abandoned mine— and discover that it’s home to a bloodthirsty creature. To make things worse, the front entrance collapses. You have 1 hour to flee.
  • Brave New World (difficult): A nuclear missile is fueling, and your friend has the cancellation codes in his cabin. Do you have enough time to find them?

More heads— and hearts— are better than one. Go on a group date for Valentine’s Day and rent a private game for 4 or more players!

Birds of a feather zip together


Soar above snowy conifers and spruce trees, just like bald eagles and raptors. Now that’s different for Valentine’s Day!

The TreeTops Zip Line Canopy Tour at Adventures on the Gorge will make your hearts flutter. Fly above ancient hemlock groves and creeks as you play on 10 rides. In between, clamber across 5 suspension bridges. It’s just what you need to give love a jump start!

Saddle up, partners

“There’s something about the outside of a horse,” declared Winston Churchill, “that’s good for the inside of a man.” If that isn’t an invitation to go on a Valentine’s ride, what is?

You don’t need to be an expert equestrian to enjoy a simple horse ride in the woods, either. Equestrian Adventures has year-round trips for beginners and cowboys alike. Rides take you through the New River Gorge, where creeks, sandstone cliffs and forests fill the horizon.

By the time you return to the stable, you’ll feel a glow of contentment that only comes from bonding with your horse— and date, of course.

A bicycle built for 2

Well, almost. In the New River Gorge, rent mountain bikes and take ‘em deep into the forest! Take a casual ride and admire wintery scenery along the way. If you’re a pro, spice things up with fallen logs and boulders!

When you’re done, head into Fayetteville or Oak Hill for farm-fresh cuisine and espressos. You’ll find anything from gourmet sandwiches to country-style lunches.

Save the best for last

Did you keep your heart rate up all day? Congrats— you can replace those calories with a “daring” dinner!

Here are some ideas:

  • Pies & Pints pushes the boundaries of known pizza toppings. Grape & Gorgonzola, a crowd favorite, seems odd… until you take a bite. You’ll fall in love with that sweet-and-salty slice, guaranteed. Other creations include Cuban Pork, Chipotle Chicken and Mediterranean Shrimp.
  • Gumbo’s Cajun Restaurant spices up any date. Jambalaya, fried crawfish, blackened shrimp and Cajun po’boys are just some of the dishes you can try.
  • Delfino’s Pizza and Iced Cream keeps things cozy. Splurge on favorites like wings, sandwiches, spaghetti, taco salad, and rich slices of pie.
  • Cafe One Ten’s special Valentine’s menu will make anyone’s heart flutter - it’s that romantic. Start off with complimentary Champagne or sparkling grape juice, followed by soft dinner rolls and a salad. Then, it’s up to you; pick a salmon filet or prime rib as your entree. Strawberry Champagne cake rolls or a Valentine’s fortune cookie end your date on a sweet note.

How are you going to jump-start those hearts on Valentine’s Day?