The other colorful season in the gorge

The gorge's palette in spring bloom, but come fall, Bridge Day gives Mother Nature a run for her money. Adrenaline, thrills and drama: for one day, some of the world’s most extreme events meet right here. Contained on 3,030 feet of steel, Bridge Day packs adventurers together for non-stop action that will take your breath away.


We have 7 fantastic reasons you should celebrate Bridge Day on Oct. 15:

1. 876 Nerves of Steel

What do you get when you combine the most daring sport in the world with the longest arch bridge in the Western hemisphere? Nerves of steel— 876 feet of it. Every year, hundreds of BASE jumpers leap from the New River Gorge Bridge and soar above the rapids in the largest event of its kind in the world.

2. Be Your Own Superhero

Ever wanted to fly? For just one day, you can! A 700-foot-long high line from the catwalk lets you test your mettle.

3. Rappelling

We love to tighten things up a notch. Athletes team up and rappel from fixed ropes, with friction and suspense keeping everything together!

4. Taste of Bridge Day

No festival is complete without food, and local restaurants make Bridge Day simply delicious.

5. Awesome Stuff

Bridge Day is one of the most unique events in the world. Fortunately, vendors on both ends of the bridge sell mementos to take home. Choose from souvenirs like sustainable shirts, artwork and more.

6. View from Down Under

Sit below the bridge for a totally different perspective. Take the shuttle to the bottom, lounge by the river, eat a packed lunch and watch the action from below.

You’ll also get a nifty shirt. Just contact the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce to get a space. The Resort at Glade Springs also has shuttle rides to the bottom.

7. Easy Commute

Avoid any regular event traffic and get right up to the gate with a shuttle to Bridge Day. Tickets are just $2.

Which sport gets your pulse racing— BASE jumping or rappelling?

Sam Babcock