Can you tackle these pizzas?


Fire up that appetite. Fayetteville’s newest colossal pizzas aren’t for sissies. Big Dam Pizza Better believe it. At Big Dam Pizza, owner Kellie Villenave and her team make 28-inch-wide pies. It’s the maximum size allowed by current take-out boxes. Maybe that’s a good thing. These pizzas are a force of nature— almost as mighty as the nearby Summersville Dam, which inspired the restaurant’s logo. So unless you own a truck, expect to fold someseats in your car.

Of course, slices are another option. These don’t require any reorganization with your car. But Big Dam Pizza treats its slices pretty seriously, too. In fact, just one piece fills two paper plates! So unless you’re ravenous, bring a buddy. You might want to divvy it up.

Toppings Freakish sizes are great for the camera, but flavor has to count. After all, pizza is meant to be eaten!

To that extent, Big Dam Pizza keeps things basic. Just four permanent pies line the menu; each one is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, many of which are sourced locally.

Here’s what you can get whole or by the slice:

  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni and cheese
  • Sausage and cheese
  • Mushrooms, garlic, and cheese

Big Dam Pizza also has daily specials. Thus far, chefs have experimented with one-offs like meatball-parmesan and pineapple-porchetta with red onions.


Big Dam temptations Not everybody is into pizza. If that’s you, it’s still worth a visit. Big Dam Pizza has appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pasta and homemade desserts.

No party can do without Big Dam Nachos. It’s a crowd pleaser with generous servings ofshredded chicken, jalapenos, black-bean-corn salsa, cheese and tortilla chips. Other starters include turkey wings, pepperoni rolls, fries and hummus, most of which are stamped with the “big dam” label. You’ve been warned!

Joking aside, Big Dam Pizza offers half-sized portions for most meals. They won’t charge full price, either. Just ask if you want something trimmed down.

You can also order sandwiches. These arrive at 4, 8, or 16 inches long— also known as The Whole Dam Thing. Options include French dip, meatball and chicken pesto. They even have a Big Dam Dog.

Save room for dessert, too. It’s worth it. Pies and cheesecakes are made locally, while a Virginia creamery supplies the ice cream. Big Dam Pizza sweetens the deal with à la mode chocolate chip cookies and apple dumplings. Go “dam” big or go home, right? Bon appetit!