Bridge Day Weather Update- Friday Morning 10/16

Morning, everyone!  One more day to go- hope everyone's ready for Bridge Day 2009. 10 A.M. from the bridge, Friday 10/16

Got a weather report for you:  There's been a lot of clearing up since this morning.

When I got to our Bridge Day HQ this A.M., I made a note in my notebook for this report.  Let's call it "Accu-Porch" weather.  It was chilly and wet, some mist that threatened here and there to become drizzle.

We left for the bridge shortly after 9, and the gorge was socked in with fog.  The arc of the bridge was visible for at least a couple hundred feet from the north side.

As the rappel safety team briefed under the bridge, things started to clear up in the gorge.  The sky was still overcast (is still overcast).  But the wind, if there was any at all, was very mild.

It was chilly for the first half hour or so on the catwalk, but seemed to warm up after a while.

The weather report right now is reading 45 degrees F and drizzle.  There's not any noticeable breeze, and really not any drizzle, at least right now.

If I was out in the weather (and I was), I would wear at least 2 warm layers and a waterproof shell.  A hat is a really, really good idea.  Gloves are a good call, too.