Attention businesses: Bridge Day wants YOU!

Bring your business to the world’s biggest BASE jumping festival! Bridge Day isn’t until Oct. 21, but vending and sponsorship opportunities start now. Take advantage of an enormous fan base and unique venue, deep in the New River Gorge!

Be a Bridge Day vendor

As a seller, you want fresh, curious buyers. Bridge Day offers precisely that.

For one thing, it’s unusual. More than 80,000 onlookers come just for the chance to watch aerialists soar off the New River Gorge Bridge. The reverse is true, too. At 876 feet high, the span is worth traveling the globe for— literally.

Plus, Bridge Day skips the typical festival season. It always happens on the third Saturday in October— a time when folks think wistfully of summer.

These sights and emotions are fantastic from a marketing standpoint. Whether you bake, make art or manage a charity, you’ll have an audience that’s receptive and enthusiastic.

Bridge Day set up is easy, too. Vendors get perks like outstanding visibility and parking passes.

Ready to join the club? Here are some general rules to keep in mind:

  • New vendors must submit 2 photos with their application, which a jury will review to ensure quality.
  • Register before July 1 for better booth placement and a reduced vending fee. After July 1, the cost goes from $165 to $290.
  • The deadline for non-food vendors is Oct. 13.
  • Bring your own generator if your booth or product requires electricity. You must bring two 20-gallon trash cans.

Please see all the details and forms on our site. We can’t wait to add your creativity to our one-of-a-kind festival.

Be a Bridge Day sponsor

Ride the wave of West Virginia’s largest single-day event!

A Bridge Day sponsorship puts your business before a vast audience. We’re not just talking about the folks who actually visit, although that’s part of it. Our social media fans are really supportive, too!

Take a look at these nifty stats:

  • 2 million views on Snapchat during Bridge Day 2016
  • 200,000 website visits
  • 28,000+ Facebook fans
  • 7,500 views on our live feed

Imagine what these numbers could do for you! We can help you with social media promotion, product exclusivity and more.

Contact us for more information.