Bridge Day Tips and Tricks for Every Visitor

Are you going to Bridge Day 2012? If so, you will be one of 80,000 people to answer yes to that question. Whether you've been before or this will be your first trip, there are a few things that you can do to get the most out of your visit. Make a Plan

Decide now how you would like to spend Bridge Day, because you have lots of options. Check the Bridge Day website for a schedule of the day’s events. Make an agenda or itinerary for your friends and family so everyone is on the same page. Do some research ahead of time; you can never be too prepared. The Official Bridge Day Appfor your smartphone can help with planning as well.

Go Early

Here’s a Bridge Day tip: get there early. The shuttles to the Bridge will be less crowded, as will the Bridge itself. The later it gets the more crowded it becomes. Going early will also allow you to possibly even park close enough to walk if you are up for some exercise that day.

Reserve Your Shuttle Spot

You can reserve a personal shuttle to the bottom of the Gorge by purchasing one of the Glade Springs Down Under Tours. Theses shuttles leave at 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM and are available first come, first served as they fill up. One option would be to spend the morning on the Bridge and the afternoon at the bottom, complete with a bag lunch.

Get a Hometown Subaru Into The Gorge Pass

If you don't like the idea of being tied to an exact departure time (like the Down Under Tours have), you can purchase a pass for the Hometown Subaru Into The Gorge Shuttles. You need to reserve these in advance and can pick them up at the Bridge Day tent on the south side of the bridge from 9am-1pm. These shuttles begin running at 9:00 AM and will be available every 20 minutes or so.  You can get your pass when you arrive at the Bridge and then take the shuttle whenever you are ready to go to the bottom.

Just remember; the last shuttles out of the Gorge leave at 3:00 PM. That particular shuttle is always crowded, so plan accordingly. For advance reservations call 800-927-0263.

Make Your Purchases Early in the Day

If you are planning on getting a souvenir (the official Bridge Day 2012 T-shirt or poster), you should do it fairly early in the day. These items have sold out before the end of the day. There will be many other vendors with some unique local arts and crafts items that you’ll definitely want to check out.

How do you plan your Bridge Day?