5 Tips to Make Your Bridge Day Better

No matter if you are a first-timer or a long-time veteran of Bridge Day, there are some things you just need to know (or reminded of) to make the day better. The more you know, the fewer surprises and the more time you can spend simply enjoying the day.

Take a Look at the Rules Law enforcement officials work many hours to ensure you have a safe day on the Bridge. Their focus is your safety.

There are not many rules to follow, but it's important to know them beforehand so there are no surprises.

Some rules are no-brainers: no weapons, no fireworks, no drugs or alcohol. Other rules, may not make as much sense, yet they are in place to ensure your safety.   No dogs. No backpacks. We can hear you groan, but all we ask is just come have fun, and leave your dog at home (perhaps wearing your backpack full of beer and fireworks).

Plan Your Parking and Shuttles Unlike many other large events, Bridge Day parking is aplenty. There are parking lots on either side of the Bridge, and for just $2 per person you can ride the shuttle right to the entrance. Our Bridge Day parking map can help you plan your parking location. Yes, it is that easy.

Wear (the right) Shoes and Clothes Hopefully, we don't have to tell you they are required. They are. As interesting as we think nude Bridge Day might be, well, let's just say the day is extreme enough already. It's not so much about shoes and clothing being required as it is about choosing them wisely.

You will be walking. A lot. Wear something comfortable and sturdy as nothing puts a damper on a great day like sore feet (especially if it is your kid with sore feet).

Also, come prepared for a variety of weather. Check the forecast before heading out and dress in layers. Also be sure to bring along a jacket or sweater tied around your waist just in case the weather changes. Which it is apt to do.

Bring a Camera If we had a nickel for every time we heard someone say, "I wish I had brought my camera", we'd have a gazillion nickels. Ok, maybe not a gazillion, we don't even know what that is as a matter of fact, but we'd have a lot of nickels. A lot.

So, bring your camera. No matter if you are a pro or simply snapping photos with your camera phone Bridge Day is a photographers dream. With so many vivid colors, so much action taking place and folks walking around in giant, pink bunny-suits, there is a photo op everywhere you look.

Be sure to tag your photos with #bridgeday and share them on the Facebook Fan Page and our Flickr group.

What Goes Down Must Come Back Up Fayette Station Road, runs from one side of the Gorge, to the river, and up the other side. It is closed to public motor vehicle traffic on Bridge Day, yet it is open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. You are free to walk down the road, beneath the Bridge, and enjoy a different perspective on the day's activities.

Just remember, if you go down, you have to come back up. It is a 4 mile stretch on either side, and it's not exactly flat, so be sure you are physically able to make the walk back.

If you aren't sure, but would still like to venture below the Bridge, you may want to consider taking advantage of the Down Under Tours.

Stay tuned for more tips and information to make your Bridge Day great. We look forward to seeing you October 16th.

Do you have any tips to add?