Bridge Day 2013 Official Poster

The competition was tight, but you chose Amber Lehmann\'s design as the official 2013 Bridge day poster.

Bridge Day Official 2013 Poster

"I wanted to create something that would express to the public the adventure that is Bridge Day," she said. She has experienced the thrill of Bridge Day firsthand herself, as a rappeller from the New River Gorge Bridge last year.

The poster contest was a natural fit for Amber, both as an adventurer and as an artist. Designing as a hobby for nearly 10 years, she now manages a design production team in Washington, DC. She is also an avid caver.
"I wanted to learn vertical caving from the very beginning," she said. "When I saw a friend\'s pictures of Bridge Day online, I said to him, \'Now, THAT\'S what I want to do.\'  And 2 and half years later, here I am."
When she rappelled from the bridge last year, it was the longest rappel she had done so far.
She\'ll be descending into the Gorge again this year. Her posters will be for sale, and since she\'ll be taking part in the Bridge Day action, she will sign them ahead of time.
She drew inspiration for her poster from \'30s and \'40s Art Deco style.
"The Art Deco look represented the glory of the machine age culture, and the idea of movement," Amber said. "Designs focused on lines that remained straight and angular, geometric and rigid… I wanted to incorporate the activities that make Bridge Day exciting and create something that would \'sell\' Bridge Day."
Masters of this design style emphasized simplicity, and communicating a message. Amber wanted her interpretation of Bridge Day to show off the adventurous spirit of the event, and represent her fellow rappellers.
"Of course I wanted to focus on the BASE jumpers, as they are who the public generally sees from the top of the bridge, but I certainly wanted to include the rappellers because they are an integral part of the event as well," Amber said. "All of the artists had their own interpretation of what Bridge Day meant to them, and I felt very humbled that my interpretation won."
She said she also chose to focus the outdoor sports because the bonds she and others make when they cave, rappel or jump are important.
"I think many people assume that extreme sports such as rappelling, caving or jumping attract people who are either a little bit crazy or giant risk takers," she said. "Some of that just may be true, but what I find fascinating and important about these activities is that they create a strong sense of community… I have formed many close friendships with cavers and rappellers from all across the country!"
Congratulations to Amber on her winning design! Be sure to stop by the Bridge Day booth to purchase one of her posters to commemorate your 2013 trip.

And if you see her on the bridge, wish her luck on her rappel!