Bridge Day – Five Days and Counting…

Five days and counting until Bridge Day 2011.  And what's our office like?  CRAZY! Although we work all year long to get ready for Bridge Day, these last two weeks are crunch time.   Not a problem for the Bridge Day Team.  That’s life and it makes things interesting.

The most interesting question so far?  “Are horses allowed under the Bridge?”  We love animals as much as you do.  Dogs, cats, and horses.  But not on Bridge Day.  With all the people in attendance, it’s just not the right time to introduce your pet to the beauty of the Gorge.


At this point we have our vendors lined up and are happy to say that we have more vendors this year than at any time since 9/11.  It takes some planning to make sure everyone has the right booth and all the food vendors have their health permit.  Martha and Sharon have been working their tails off.  Make sure and come hungry, as we have some great food vendors!


And great sponsors!  Subaru is on board again as our presenting sponsor and will be previewing the NEW Subaru 2012 Impreza.  You will also enter the Bridge through Red Bull arches at each end of the Bridge this year.

So what else keeps us busy?  Answering questions from media that want to cover Bridge Day.  We love this part because it gives us chances to showcase the New River Gorge and that is our job.  This is the opportunity for the New River Gorge, and hopefully the sun, to shine.

What else would you see if you were a fly on our walls?

• Lights on the phone bank flashing.

• Stacks of the 2011 Bridge Day posters waiting for Ginger Danz to sign in the Bridge Day tent on the south side.

• A picture of the Bridge with cut-out witches placed strategically on it.  Don't ask.

• Stacks of signs and corners filled with flags to mark the bus routes & parking areas.

• Orange and green vests for the volunteers that answer questions & give directions.

• The GEICO Gecko.  Okay, not really, but he will be at Bridge Day

• Pop-up tents and recycle bins ready to make their way to the Bridge.

• Boxes of Official Bridge Day shirts from Sustain U.

We have a big Bridge, and I think we need a bigger office.  See you at Bridge Day!