Bridge Day's 2016 collectible poster is...

It's here: Bridge Day's 2016 commemorative poster, featuring the artwork of TDTank. The-Fayette-County-Chamber-has-announced-this-year’s-Bridge-Day-Poster-winner-TDTank’s-artwork-w“I've spent a lot of my time over the years wandering in and around the New River Gorge," TDTank said. "Thurmond, Glade Creek, Grandview, Kaymoor, Nutallburg, Diamond Point and Long Point are some of my favorite places to be. When I had the chance to design this poster, I really wanted to try to capture just a little bit of the depth and scale of the gorge that you can only really appreciate from exploring it literally from top to bottom."

Get an Official Bridge Day poster at the festival's booth by the entrance, or by calling the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce at 304-465- 5617.

TDTank will also have more examples of his other work at booth #117 .

Justin Ferrell