Bridge Day 2010 Remembered: What a Year!

363  jumpers. 100,000+ spectators.  1,030 jumps. Yep, 2010 was quite a year for the Western Hemisphere’s longest single-arch span. While we are well into the New Year of 2011, we'd like to take a look back at Bridge Day 2010.

We all had a great time organizing the event and had a blast with you the day of.  So here’s our top 7 moments from Bridge Day 2010. We’re sure you could add a few as well…so feel free!

7.  Waking up to wonderful weather

6.  Offering the first-ever In the Gorge Subaru Shuttles

5.  Experiencing a record number of rappellers making their way down, down, down under.

4.  Great food! (ahem...Funnel Cake) Need we say more?

3.  Awarding more than $1000 during the Subaru Scavenger Hunt

2.  Seeing a Bridge Day video featured on (Wow we’ve come a long way!)

And our #1 moment from 2010….seeing the crowds flock to the New River Gorge yet again.  We're so glad you joined us!

What was your favorite moment?