Got Bridge Day questions? Ask our #GoToWV Kids Reporters!

Our #GoToWV Bridge Day Kids Reporters will answer all your questions about the festival! What do you want to know about Bridge Day from BASE jumping, rappelling and extreme pogo to vendors and musicians, our Kids Reporters have the behind-the-scenes scoop.

Submit your questions for the reporters on Facebook or here on this blog, and you may see them answered in their reports through the weekend.

If you’re coming to Bridge Day, you’ll probably spot them— they’ll be hard to miss with their bright orange backpacks! Ask them some questions, and you might get special GoToWV decals and guides in return.

Mollie Brooke Thomas

Meet your Bridge Day reporters

This year, Mollie, Allie, Cade and Ethan will be answering your Bridge Day questions.

Mollie Brooke Thomas 

Mollie is a 10-year-old soccer player and gymnast, is almost as active as the Bridge Day athletes. When she isn’t plowing through whitewater rapids— her favorite Mountain State activity— Mollie likes dancing, drawing, cooking and cleaning.

She draws the line with BASE jumping, though: “I’d just chicken out.

But Mollie has all the bold spirit when it comes to reporting! She can’t wait to “ask random people random questions.”

Allie Strader


Allie comes to Bridge Day 2016 as a seasoned interviewer. The 12-year-old veteran Kids Reporter likes the job because “You get to see what happens behind the scenes.

She also gets a kick out of the jumpers and rappellers, although the prospect of leaping into the New River Gorge doesn’t appeal to her. (“Too high!”) When Allie isn’t tubing or camping in the wilds of West Virginia, she plays soccer.

Ethan Vargo-Thomas

12-year-old Ethan appreciates the unexpected.

“The best thing about being a reporter would be discovering things I didn’t know by asking lots of questions, meeting new people and learning about their various experiences,” he said. “It seems exciting because you may not always be able to predict what someone will say, and you need to be prepared for anything.”


On that note, Ethan believes he could handle BASE jumping.

I think it would be an amazing rush!” he said.

Ethan brings previous Bridge Day experiences to his role as a reporter. He loves the rock wall, sampling regional foods and seeing “how beautiful our state is” from the New River Gorge Bridge.

In his spare time, Ethan likes basketball, soccer and football. He’s an avid reader, too, and enjoys family time.

Cade Vargo-Thomas

Ethan’s 9-year-old brother, Cade, also adores the great outdoors. The Vargo-Thomas family goes whitewater rafting, zip lining and swimming pretty fequently! But Cade has a special fondness for the Pine Haven Cabins.


“We always have our family reunion there, and it is so much fun!” he said.

Cade gets a thrill watching BASE jumpers, and may even be a parachuter one day.

“I would BASE jump, but only if my mom and brother jumped with me,” he said. “Our family is stronger together.”

And like his brother, Cade looks forward to being a reporter for “learning new things and meeting new people.

When he’s not at school or fielding interview questions, Cade plays basketball reads books and comics. He also likes to hang out with his dog.

Any questions?

What question about Bridge Day would you like our reporters to answer?