Another Extreme Sport Comes to the Gorge

Whitewater rafting, ziplining, rock climbing - and now the sky’s the limit.  Yep. You heard it here first; skydiving is officially coming to the New River Gorge. Two new outfitters are now in operation.  Tristate Skydivers and WV Skydivers are both operating with new drop zones for skydiving.

Tristate Skydiving and Larry Lemaster are names that are known in the Gorge for parachutes and BASE jumping.  Larry and his team have assisted with Bridge Day for the past two years and have worked to train others in the sport.  Tristate’s location at the New River Gorge Airport was always his Bridge Day home; it's now the permanent home for his second parachuting business. Tristate Skydiving also has a location near Huntington.

WV Skydivers is operating its new business from the Fayetteville Airport; this is its second operation in WV.  Skydiving from this airport is now yet another aviation activity at the facility, which already offers biplane and helicopter rides.  Ralph Osborne and his staff also offer a full service campground for those who want to experience everything that’s happening on-site.

Both businesses look forward to introducing the sport to tourists and locals this season.  And we’re pretty stoked too.

Are you gonna give it a try?