7 adventurous dates in the New River Gorge

Give the gift of adventure this year. Take in the silence of nature’s sleep with a February adventure, or give your sweetheart something to look forward to later in the year.

Just because the temperature is down in the gorge doesn’t mean the level of adventure is. There are plenty of adrenaline-packed activities you can enjoy with your love on actual Valentine’s Day.

1. Treetops Canopy Tour

During the winter, ziplining gets even more enchanting. Is there anything more romantic than soaring through glistening endangered hemlocks together?

The best part is… there’s a discount on the TreeTops tour all winter long— giving you a little extra money for dinner afterward!

2. BridgeWalk

Bridge Walk takes you on this catwalk

If you think your sweetheart makes your heart pitter patter, try tiptoeing along a 24-inch catwalk almost 1,000 feet above the gorge. Hold your lover’s (probably very sweaty) hand as you take in the expansive gorge and New River below.

Bridge Walk is open 363 days a year (luckily, Valentine’s Day is one of them). Yep... rain, shine, sleet or snow— the iconic steel span has got you covered (literally).

3. Horseback riding

Bask in the season’s stillness as you trot through Glade Springs’ hills and meadows atop a majestic beast. Snuggle up for a winter ride and enjoy your own personal fairytale.

4. Wild Cave Tour

If it’s cold this Valentine’s Day, plunge under the Earth’s surface to warm up. No matter how frigid it is in the outside world, Lost World Caverns remains 52 degrees. Explore this magical place together by climbing, crawling and slithering through some of the deepest depths of the cave. A professional guide will help you out of tight spots in the event your adventure partner starts to feel a little claustrophobic.

Though it’s hard to rival the gorge’s majesty in winter, some adventures just aren’t served best on ice. Here are some options you can gift now and enjoy later (relationship security, guys!)

5. White water rafting

The words New River and rafting go hand in hand— just like the 2 of you will be as you crash into raging Class V rapids (but honestly, you’re definitely going to want to have both hands firmly on that paddle). Adventures on the Gorge even has overnight trips, where you can do a little stargazing and snuggle up on a secluded beach alongside the river.

6. Moontrek

Because everything’s a little more romantic at night. Adventures on the Gorge takes their TimberTrek course (basically a playground in the trees) and lights it using humble strands of holiday lights. Traverse obstacles, bridges, ziplines and platforms. You’re going to need a support system when things get a little shaky 50 feet in the sky.

7. Guided climbing and rappelling

There’s no better fix for a relationship than a day of teaming up on the rocks. Get back to nature as you and your partner enjoy breathtaking views of the gorge from your unique cliffside perch. Conquer the gorge together and you’ll feel on top of the world (...orrrrr Ram’s Head Rock, close enough).

What’s your favorite New River Gorge Date?

Sam Babcock