A Blogging Look Back

Bridge Day, New River GorgeWe’re pretty fired-up that so many of you take the time to check out our blog, but we enjoy reading your takes on the New River Gorge as well.  Here are our top three blog picks from 2010 from rock climbing to jumping and everything in-between. You guys are pretty clever writers and we’re glad you took a minute to document your trip.

#3.  Rachel Travels // Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Rachel not only travels but she also rafts.  Chronicle her adventures on Bridge Day and on a raft headed down the Gauley.

#2.  Millivers Travels // New River Gorge

A great recap of the overlook area, including some great pictures.

And drumroll please…

#1.  The New River Gorge and beyond...

A combination of climbing, baking, and hanging out in Southern WV.  Some of our favorites!

To all you bloggers – congrats!  We’ll get working on one of those nifty seals for your blog asap.  Thanks for traveling to see us in the New River Gorge.  Come back anytime.