6 gorge spots to get away from it all

The New River Gorge makes retreat easy. Looking for ways to unplug? There are tons of natural escapes right around the corner from the ridge.

Here’s a list of top hideaways that will get you rested and refreshed:

1. Wolf Creek Falls

Most tourists never spot this untamed beauty. Wolf Creek Falls hides in plain sight by the New River Gorge Bridge. But you won’t want to miss this treasure. It’s an idyllic cascade complete with black boulders and a still green pool.

2. Cathedral Falls

West Virginia’s most beautiful and elegant waterfall is right at your fingertips. From Fayetteville, follow Route 16 west and head to 60. You’ll see a roadside park with picnic tables. Beyond that, 60 feet of water tumbles down a natural amphitheater in stages. A flat, circular base provides plenty of room for outstanding nature photography and leisurely meditation.

3. Endless Wall

Rated the no.1 National Park hike by USA Today, this natural wonder is simply unforgettable. Its infinite cliffline guides you past overlooks along the New River Gorge River. No rails interrupt the view, so mature adventurers feel closer to nature.

4. Brooklyn Mine Trail

Nuttallburg conveyor belt

Romantics love this trail. Atmospheric and quiet, it starts in Cunard and parallels the New River Gorge. Fields and forests lead you past an old mineshaft and abandoned equipment.

5. Nuttallburg Trails

If you really seek seclusion, this trail will do the trick. Conveniently near the Canyon Rim Visitor Center in Lansing, the abandoned Nuttallburg mine takes you into the past. See building ruins on the Town Loop Trail, and discover coke ovens and a grand, rusty conveyor belt that snakes up the mountain.

6. Glade Creek Trail

Get lots of bang for your buck on this converted rail trail, where the ground is relatively flat and easy to navigate. Best of all, the scenery is diverse. You’ll pass rapids, pools and waterfalls.

What’s the best New River Gorge hideaway?

Sam Babcock