5 Ways to Spark Inspiration to Win Bridge Day's Poster Contest

Want to create this year's official poster for Bridge Day? Get inspired. Bridge Day poster 2010

Start on your entry for the 2014 Poster Contest! More planning and time to work will give you an edge on the competition.

Start by getting your creative juices flowing! Here are 5 ideas to spark inspiration for your 2014 Bridge Day poster contest entry:

1. Draw from Bridge Days gone by

The most important element of a Bridge Day poster is capturing the spirit of the festival. Adrenaline, excitement, Southern charm, enjoying natural wonder— what do you think is the essence of the event?

If you need a refresher, think back to your own most memorable experiences on the bridge, or ask companions you came with. Spark your memory visually by browsing the shots on our Flickr page, clicking through photo after photo of jumpers, festivities and the New River Gorge.

2. Browse Event Poster Examples

To hone your ideas about Bridge Day into an artistic piece, seek inspiration from other artists. Flip through creative works of other poster designers. Search Pinterest, Google examples. Look back through the posters that have already taken the top spot, or look through these event posters our preliminary round judges have enjoyed.

Remember, the basic information (time, date, etc) has to be conveyed in your artwork as well. Look for ways to build that into your design.

3. Explore new mediums

Don't get locked into the idea that you have to be tech-savvy and illustrate your poster on the computer. Immerse yourself in your favorite creative medium. And if you're feeling stuck, try something new! Buy some watercolors or pastels and get painting, or learn to blend chalk with mastery.

Someone recreated the Mona Lisa out of toast. The possibilities are infinite. Your masterpiece medium is up to you, as long as you can fit it to contest size requirements!

4. Travel to the New River Gorge

There's really no better way to bring the excitement of Bridge Day rushing back than to visit its home. Go for a Bridge Walk, hike the trails that stretch through the forests, or raft the rapids below and gaze up at the iconic bridge.

Rushing back to you yet? There's more to get your creative flow into Bridge Day mode: visit the local restaurants you've tried at the festival, and shop in the local stores for the same handmade crafts you see on the bridge.

5. Some adrenaline

Even if you can't make it to the gorge before the festival, a good thrill will get you in the spirit. And, it will get your mind off of concentrating too hard, which will help you make more creative connections to things outside of your focus, which may end up giving you a light bulb idea that wins you the contest! And it'll be fun, so win-win for you!

How are you rousing inspiration for the poster contest?