What’s new for 2019?

The big news is that there are new people working together to make the jumping happen this year. The Fayette Chamber of Commerce has always been the group behind Bridge Day, and this year they have stepped up their efforts to bring you an even better event. Their goal is the same as ours; to provide an awesome event experience for jumpers. The chamber also shares our goal to have expanded jumping at Bridge Day and ultimately, open access to the NRGB year round.

Bridge Day is the oldest and largest legal organized BASE jumping event in the world, held annually on the third Saturday in October in Fayetteville, WV. On average, 400+ BASE jumpers from around the world gather for what is known as the biggest and most exciting extreme sports event on the planet. 



The Bridge Day Special

A 6 hour course that is designed just as a primer for jumping the New River Gorge Bridge at Bridge Day. This is not a full FJC, and will not prepare you for jumping other objects.

Are you a first time jumper but don’t have enough skydives to do the course? You can do a Tandem BASE Jump. No experience needed. Click here to for more info about booking your Tandem BASE Jump for Bridge Day 2018.



Are you ready to take the leap? Be one of 400 lucky jumpers to jump off the New River Gorge Bridge! Just $75.00! To BASE jump at Bridge Day, you must pre-register, provide a photo for your jump pass and bring your drivers license or passport for ID.

What is a qualified Rastapult Jumper? You have 50 BASE jumps, a helmet, and are comfortable with unusual attitudes, being upside down, and feeling out of control. If you have never been launched, it's awesome! If you have, you know you want to do it again! (Must also purchase a Jumper Pass)



Got questions about what it takes to BASE jump on Bridge Day? We've got answers!


Tandem BASE

Want to BASE jump at Bridge Day but don’t have the experience (or nerve) to do it alone?

For more information, contact Tandem Base. Grab your spot before they’re gone!