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West Virginia

West Virginia is the Mountain State. It’s a place that’s a wild as it is wonderful (says so right on the license plate!). Each stream, each peak, each person that lives here, and everyone that visits plays a part in West Virginia’s great history.

In a way, geology started here. These mountains, the Appalachians, are the oldest in the world. At their birth they were higher than the Himalaya in Asia. Now, they’re worn down with time; the highest peak in the Appalachians is just over 6600 feet. But what they lack in height, they make up for in purpose. They support one of the most ecologically diverse forests on earth.

West Virginia is the home of a rich and interesting mining history, and the New River Gorge is the home of the highest grade coal in the world. The coal mined in the southern part of the state, the coalfields, would go via the great railroads to fire the steel mills of the north.

Bridge Day is a part of West Virginia. What’s wilder, what’s more wonderful, than jumping off one of the largest bridges in the world? The people of the Mountain State can celebrate like few others can.