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Bridge Day Vendor Information

Bridge Day® Vendors sponsored by: Fayette County National Bank

Last day to sign up as a non-food vendor will be October 13th at 5pm!

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2018 Form 1- Vendors Rules and Regulations


Acceptance:  You will be notified via e-mail or regular mail of your acceptance. If you are not accepted your fee, less the non-refundable application fee, will be returned. Your parking lot and booth assignments will be mailed two weeks prior to the event.  If you do not receive your information by October 10th please contact our office at 800-927-0263.

Behavior:  Every participant is expected to respect the rights of all Bridge Day personnel (i.e. Staff, Vendors, Security, Volunteers).  Negative behavior and unsafe actions will not be tolerated and such behavior will result in your booth being closed for Bridge Day-NO CREDITS OR REFUNDS.

Cooperation:  All personnel are required to cooperate with Law Enforcement and other security personnel before, during and after the New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival.

Security:  Each vendor will be required to submit a list of all vendor personnel with certain information that will be used by Law Enforcement authorities in a pre-Bridge Day screening process. This must be submitted along with your correct fees and application. Failure to comply may result in your application being rejected. The Bridge Day screening process will involve Law Enforcement or other security personnel, checking staff bands, inspecting your vehicles and/or trailers at WV State Police discretion as early as 5:30 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, October 21, 2017.  The cut off for security submissions and applications is October 13, 2017.


Spaces are sold on a first come – first served basis and will not be held without payment and complete application. It may be deemed necessary by the committee for you to acquire additional spaces to ensure adequate spacing. You must be registered before July 1st to request special booth placement. No confirmed placement will occur until after deadline on October 13th.

Animals:  No animals (with the exception of service animals with papers) allowed at Bridge Day or in your booth.

Electricity:  Electricity, water and tables are NOT provided. If you need power you will need to supply your own generator. Please advise if you are using a generator.

Entertainment: If you are providing entertainment on Rt. 19, you will be required to secure booth space for your set up, as well as a minimum of one (1) extra space for the general public to view show in the median.  Setup will require entertainment to be facing north or south on the median only.

Location:  Provided a vendor is accepted, the committee reserves the right to make the determination as to vendor location. This determination will be based on type of craft, product or attraction, size and space availability.

Notification: Notification of booth space will be mailed two weeks prior to the event.  If you have NOT received information by October 10th, please call our office 800-927-0263.

Size: Booth spaces are approximately 25 feet of road frontage. The depth varies according to road design. Only two (2) vehicles are allowed per space and you will be given two (2) vehicle permits. A trailer counts as a vehicle and oversized vehicles will count as two (2). The committee reserves the right to make the determination as to a booth needing more than one space.

Sub-let or Shared:  Booths may not be sub-let or shared without prior written consent of the Bridge Day Committee or the Bridge Day Vendor Coordinator.


Do Not Rely on GPS to get you to your parking lot! VENDORS have been turned away!  If unsure please call our office for directions 800-927-0263.

Fire Extinguishers:  All food vendors are required to have at least one (1) fire extinguisher.

Operations:  Someone must man your booth at all times during hours of operation. Although Law Enforcement will be present, you will be responsible for providing adequate security measures at your booth. YOU MUST have your white booth number displayed in case of an emergency!

Set Up:  Once you have been accepted as a vendor you will be assigned a parking lot for that morning. This is where you line up.  You must arrive at your parking lot on Saturday, October 21, 2017 no later than 5:30AM. Do Not Go To The Bridge. We try to have everyone out on the roadway and set up as close to 8:00 AM as possible.

ATTENTION Food Vendors: SAFETY FIRST!    WV Code §64-18-15.  SAFETY: 15.1  All premises and facilities available to public patronage, employment, confinement, or use shall be designed, maintained and operated to minimize safety hazards and promote an accident-free environment.

The Health Department and everyone involved with the Bridge Day event wants the day to be a fun and safe day for everyone there.  Please be aware that when you level your mobile unit you must level it in a safe manner, especially if you are located on the median side of US 19.  You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your mobile unit or be approved by the Fire Marshall’s office. DO NOT risk being shut down. PLAN AHEAD!   Please make sure you think ahead and bring what you will need to level the unit in a safe manner.  Do not forget that you will have propane tanks and possibly hot grease and/or hot coffee that could lead to disaster if the mobile unit fell off the leveling apparatus.

Signage:  Sandwich boards or podiums are not allowed out in front of your assigned vendor space.  They are allowed BEHIND the white/yellow line. Please take this in consideration when setting up and make sure nothing is in front of the line.

Tear Down:  You will be asked to begin tearing down at 3:00 PM on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  Please do as law enforcement directs you, this is a federal highway and is scheduled to reopen within a certain time frame and ALL vendors must be clear of the area!

Trash: All vendors are required to have two (2) twenty (20) gallon trash cans. Spaces must be kept litter free with trash bagged up.  Take your trash out with you! This includes used oil.

Cardboard:  Please have your cardboard broken down outside your booth for the boy scouts to pick up and take to our recycling bin

Vehicle Vendor Number:   You will receive a vendor tag to hang on your mirror, along with a 8 ½” x 11” sheet with your vendor number that needs to be placed on the left front of your dash board.

White Booth Numbers:  You must display the booth number on the front of booth exhibit.  Tape or clip it so it is visible from the roadway. THIS IS A MUST!


– All fees/applications must be received for spaces to be confirmed.  Make check or money order payable to: Fayette County Chamber.  Credit Cards that are accepted: Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Any charges will show up as “Fayette County Chamber”.
Application Fees:  There is a $15 application fee. This fee is per application and is non-refundable.

ASCAP Fees:  Any vendor providing music as entertainment must pay the ASCAP fee.  In addition, if you should be providing entertainment on Rt. 19, you will be required to secure booth space for your set up, as well as a minimum of one (1) space for the general public to view show in the median.

Booth Fees:  The booth fee is $150 ($165) before July 1 and $275 ($290)  after July 1.

Cancellation:  Cancellations prior to September 15, 2017 must be made in writing and will be subject to the non-refundable application fee. If a cancellation must be made after September 15, 2017, the vendor will be given a full credit, less the application fee of $15, for Bridge Day 2018. In the event that the Fayette County Chamber or the Bridge Day Commission cancels Bridge Day there will be a full refund, less the application fee of $15.

Refunds:  There are absolutely no refunds after September 15, 2017.  The $15 application fee is non-refundable.  Credits will be issued for 2018.

Taxes:  The West Virginia Tax Department requires the collection of 6% State Sales Tax. Vendors are responsible for collection and payment of this tax. The WV Tax Department will send you a form and/or may visit your booth.

Usage Fees:  The usage fee to use New River Gorge Bridge Day, Bridge Day or Bridge Day Festival on a product excluding tee shirts is $150 per applicant.  All items must be pre-approved.


Acceptance: Regardless of when an application and fees are received by the Fayette County Chamber, booth space will not be confirmed until the Fayette County Chamber has been notified by the Fayette County Health Department that the proper permit has been issued.  Until such time, booth spaces will remain open and available on a first come, first served basis.

Bake Sale or Homemade Items:  Vendors that are selling eligible homemade or bake sale items that are pre-wrapped and not prepared in a commercial kitchen must have a HIGHLY VISIBLE SIGN on their counter that states, “NOT PREPARED IN A COMMERCIAL KITCHEN”.  Absolutely no baked goods in glass jars.  Please download the PDF for information and eligible products.

Beverages:   Soft drinks, water or other forms of non-alcoholic beverages, offered for consumption on site will be classified as a Drink/Food Concession and may require a separate application and additional regulations.

Canned Goods:  Please refer to SF-16: Registration Form for Home Canned and Prepared Foods at Fairs, Festival, Farmers’ Markets and Similar Exhibitions at for more information.

Bottled & Prepared Beverages:  Bottled beverages on their own do not need a special food permit.  However prepared beverages (i.e. coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate, soft drinks poured into cups) would need a special food permit.

Health Dept Fees:  A special permit of operations, payable to the Fayette County Health Dept. is $50.00.  This fee must be mailed to the Health Dept at 202 Church St. Fayetteville, WV  25840.  Questions call 304-574-1617.

Health Dept. Permits:  Vendors must comply with Fayette County Health Department regulations.  Inspectors will be on site.  Pre-event reviews may also be required where warranted.  To read the guidelines for operating a temporary food service concession, please go to and link to the information for SF5B.  Fill out form SF5B and mail it with $50.00 per unit to the Fayette County Health Dept. 202 Church St. Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Home Canned or Prepared Items:  Please refer to the “Home Canned and Prepared Foods at Fairs, Festivals, Farmers’ Markets and Similar Exhibitions” for a list of eligible and non-eligible products.  Acidified foods (i.e. any foods using vinegar or lemon juice as a preserving agent) are considered acidified and must be prepared in a commercial kitchen.  Please list ALL products to be sold.

Labeling:  All food products must be labeled in accordance with FDA regulations stating, at a minimum: product name, ingredient listing, net weight, manufacture name and allergens.

Menu:  Please provide a menu of items you will be selling. This is good for your customers and the committee can place you appropriately.

Trash:  All vendors are required to have three (2) twenty (20) gallon trash cans.  Spaces must be kept litter free with trash bagged up.  Take your trash with you when you leave.


Balloons:  (for sale or give away) is prohibited because of environmental concerns.

Delivery of Merchandise:  Each vendor is responsible for the delivery of their merchandise to the staging area and henceforth to their respective vendor area during Bridge Day 2017. The Fayette County Chamber will not be responsible for or accept delivery of merchandise.

Fliers:  brochures, coupons, etc. cannot be handed out by vendors outside of their assigned vendor space.

Goods:  Vendors may offer to the public only the crafts or products that are listed on their application. Bridge Day has contracts with sponsors for exclusivity of some products and must make sure these contracts are honored.

Prohibited Items:  Drugs, Alcohol, Offensive or Suggestive Language or Images, Knives and Firearms – No drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, tobacco products, alcohol, suggestive materials or language, knives, dart guns, fireworks, firearms or weapons of any kind—may NOT be sold.

Standards:  To ensure quality and to maintain certain standards, all crafts and products will be selected by a jury process. If you are a new vendor please enclose two (2) photos or slides of your crafts or products. If you wish to have your photos or slides returned please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. Failure to submit photos or slides will result in application being returned.