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New River Gorge Bridge Day Rappel and High Line

Did you know that the general public can get on a rope and zip off of the New River Gorge Bridge during Bridge Day? There’s no experience necessary to get on the Highline (but you should sign up early). It stretches 700 feet down over the gorge from the beams of the bridge, and the public is invited to play.

And the Highline isn’t the only way to leave the bridge. Teams from around the world have come year after year to rappel and ascend on Bridge Day. The art of the rappel really comes to life in the shadow of the bridge.

It’s a wonderful blend of fearlessness and physics. People on the rappel lines are riding down -and up- ropes all Bridge Day long. As BASE jumpers whiz by at the mercy of gravity, those on rappel control their experience with friction.

There has been rappelling on Bridge Day since 1992, on ropes from 700 to 850 feet long. It’s just another way to celebrate, to get some perspective. We leave behind the ordinary, this one day, to hang out under the arch.

Bridge Day Rappel

The 2018 Bridge Day Rappel will consist of several teams who will be allowed to ascend and/or descend a fixed rope from the catwalk beneath the New River Gorge Bridge on Bridge Day.

Bridge Day Rappel teams are chosen by a lottery drawing in June of each year. The rappel participant must be a seasoned rappeller with proper rack training who has successfully completed at least a 250’ rappel. He/she must be familiar with the skills, equipment, and rescue techniques associated with rappelling.

A group of individuals wishing to participate in the Bridge Day Rappel next year must choose a group leader who submits an application for his/her team in the lottery drawing. Each team must have all the necessary rappelling equipment. Individuals must have his/her own rappelling/ascending gear. The rappel information for the upcoming Bridge Day is distributed each year in March.

Signing up for Bridge Day Rappel

For information about Bridge Day Rappel visit

Bridge Day High Line

The high line will return to Bridge Day this year. The high line rider will slide approximately 700 feet down a rope attached to the bridge’s catwalk to the Fayette Station Road below. The high line is open to the media and the general public. You too can have the ride of a lifetime! The high line rider will receive a high line orientation, safety briefing, and be outfitted with the proper equipment. More information can be found at .

For more information on Bridge Day Rappel & High Line, contact:

  • Benjy Simpson – Bridge Day Rappel Coordinator
  • Bridge Day Rappel