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Bridge Day is the oldest and largest legal organized BASE jumping event in the world, held annually on the third Saturday in October in Fayetteville, WV. On average, 400+ BASE jumpers from nearly every state and from countries as far as China gather for what is known as the biggest and most exciting extreme sports event on the planet. BASE Jumping has been a part of Bridge Day since 1980 when just a handful of jumpers (there were only a few since the sport started in 1977). By 1984 over 400 jumpers attended, as they have each and every year, making an average of 800 jumps. First time jumpers have been a big part Bridge Day since it began, and it remains that way today. Each year an average of 100 first time jumpers are attracted to it’s abundant height, managed rescue water landing, density of BASE advice, and readily accessible training. Bridge Day is a fantastic place to make your first jump, just ask the 3,000+ people who have done it!

Whats new for 2018?

The big news is that there are new people working together to make the jumping happen this year. The Fayette Chamber of Commerce has always been the group behind Bridge Day, and this year they have stepped up their efforts to bring you an even better event. Their goal is the same as ours; to provide an awesome event experience for jumpers. The chamber also shares our goal to have expanded jumping at Bridge Day and ultimately, open access to the NRGB year round.

Base Jump

First Time jumper? Bridge Day is the place to make your first BASE Jump. Click here to go to our First Jump course information page.

First Jump Course


Thursday, October 19

Registration, 12-6PM BASE Video’s in the bar and conference room.

Bridge Day Video Festival 2018
Video entries need to be no more than 11 minutes. The videos will be previewed and the best 12 videos will be shown and judged at the Bridge Day Video Festival 2017.

  • Where: Rafter’s Lounge (bar at Holiday Lodge)
  • When: Thursday 7-9 PM
  • Prizes: TBD

Send video entries to:

Entries must be uploaded by Sept 30, 2017.

Friday, October 20

Bridge Day Special Prep Course Registration continues 10-6 Seminars BASE equipment Trade Show Practice packing BBQ Cookout Holiday Lodge registered BASE jumpers only.

Saturday, October 21

Bridge Day Rocks Out! Gear checks for all. Break out your best new tricks. Jump, rinse, & repeat! 9AM. Cold beer and hot pizza at the Holiday Lodge, 6PM. Event debrief, awards, and thanks to all, 7PM. Highlight reel and the party of the year 8PM-until you can’t go any more.

Sunday, October 22th

Check out your photos in the lobby of the Holiday Lodge. Nurse your hangover or go whitewater rafting.


Bridge Day is a collaborative effort brought to you by dozens of volunteers. Here are some, but by no means, all the people who work hard so that we are all able to jump the NRGB.

  • Chief Volunteer, Exit Point Coordinator – Marcus Ellison
  • Exit Point Coordinator – Gregor Weeks
  • Chief Safety Officer – Jimmy Kensill
  • Water Rescue / Highline rescue – Tom Dragan 

DDI will provide water rescue again this year. Tom and his family have been there to pick up BASE jumpers for years and are continuing the service to the sport.


Q. How many jumps do I need?

A. You must have made 100 skydives to jump.

Q. When do I need to register?

A. Registration begins July 1st

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Jump Passes are $75.00

Q. What’s included in my registration fee?

A. Some super secret stuff we can’t tell you about… but you do get a T-shirt and the right to jump in front of a hundred thousand spectators cheering you on as you fly down into the gorge below.

Q. Is BASE jumping at Bridge Day safer than other 1st jumps?

A. Safety page

Q. Is training provided?

A. All training details are available on the training page.

Q. What kind of safety gear should I wear?

A. Gear

Q. How many jumps can I make?

A. Most people do 2 to 3, but as many as 10 has been done. It all depends on how many rigs you own and how fast you pack.

Q. How bad (or good) is the Landing Zone?

A. Landing Zone

Q. Will we have to take the buses to the bridge in the morning, or will the cops at the gate let us in early if we park our cars down by the bridge? There are 3 options to get to the exit point.


1. Go out with the exit point crew at 6:30.

2. Take the buses from the Holiday Lodge at 8:00.

3.Drive yourself and fight for the best parking you can get. The bridge does not open until 9:00, so you can’t walk out until it opens. If you want to jump super early, take option 1 or 2.


Just $75.00! Must pre-register, provide photo for your jump pass and bring your drivers license or passport for ID.


  • Conference kit
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch
  • All seasons

Only 400 Slots available


Fayette Chamber of Commerce

310 W. Oyler Ave, Oak Hill, WV 25901

(304) 465-5617