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Activities in West Virginia

We’re lucky. Here in the New River Gorge, we’re surrounded by fun, relaxation, and adventure. This is the heart of recreation, and there are a lot of ways to experience it.

Rafting is big here, but so is almost every other kind of outdoor adventure. We like mountain biking and rock climbing. Our hikes are some of the best in Appalachia. Horseback riding, hunting and fishing, ATVs- you name it.  If you like to do it outside, we do it around here. And you have an open invitation to join us.

We’re also known for great shopping. West Virginia’s artisans are original, imaginative, and unique. They blend the state’s history and heritage into their work. Anywhere you go in West Virginia, you’ll find great art for sale. And the best way to appreciate it is to take some home.

Here in West Virginia, we have a rich heritage that’s tied to the very foundations of the country. As these mountain were settled, the story of a people have unfolded within them. Coal. Civil War. Railroads. You can visit our museums and take our tours, because we love to share.

From a state with all of these things to do, we ask only one thing: Explore. Come see West Virginia. These mountains, these gorges, these rivers, these woods- they don’t separate us. They define us.

Have a Wild and Wonderful Bridge Day!